Our Botswana tours is forever memrabile. Botswana is probberly the most safest country to visit is Southern Africa. Tours vary from 4x4 bush camps with minimal fasilities to luxury Lodge Camps.
Namibia is known for its wonderful landscape & dunes. Wildlife is adequate. It is a good destination for photographic tours.
Lesotho is best known for the Sani Pass. The Katze dam is part of the Highlands water scheme, that supply water to SA. Optional guided tours into the wall is a must ! Visit the Sani Pass in Winter, June-July

Phillip van Rensburg is a experianced 4x4 enthusiast over the last 20 years & Overland Tour Guide GP 3945 TETA (09-201) Accredited 4x4 off road driving Instructer / Assessor  TETA-ASSR14-76Member of SANOTA ( South African National Off road Trainers Assosiation) Competant agenst US 254135/254154/115753 Advanced 4wd Off Road Vehicle driving conditions. Trainer and Assessor

Here are some photo's of the Boegoeberg kalahari dune driving experiance. Photos of the training at LA Sport, in Steve Biko ave ( Old Voortrekkersweg)
Droskey is on the edge of the Okavango Delta. It's a bird paradise !
The Okavango Delta or commonly known only as Delta, it is one of the MUST SEE areas of Botswanna
If you never been to Central Kalahari ...well..... then you were never on holiday....THIS IS AFRICA and the LIONS run wild...
The Tuli is one of the areas that you need to visit The Tuli area is known for it's wildlife, everybody knows the Tuli Elephants, their playground is the Motloutse river.
The name said it all.....
One of the wonders of Africa
Their is a Airport at Kasane from were you can fly over the Vic falls. Chobe National Park is my personal favorite place in Botswanna. Their is just so mutch to do around the Kasane area, that I dare not mention any.
Augrabies is one of SA's spectacular Fall's and worth visiting. Accommidation is great and camping fasilities is also on a high standard. Unfortunatly when these photo's were taken the river flow were low. Their are also quite a few interresting venu's nearby to visit.
Please take inconsideration that I'm not a professional photograper, the aim is only to show you our memrabile sunsets...come and experianced it for yourself
I had a 1984 Range Rover 3 door, named Killer. Unfortunatly after serious punishment and a lot of new 4x4 routes set out, we had to put her on pension
4x4 Trailors is quite expensive in SA and are build on an avarage/general needs. I had spesific needs to suite my adventurous spirit and decided to build my own simplified, yet very competent 4x4 Trailor, one advantage is that the trailor builders are generally helpfull and many components is availabile off the shelf. The Echo consept suit me well and my Trailor has many Echo similaraties
We toured Namibia from the 13/06/2011 to the 30/06/2011. The aim was to drive down "Van Zyl's Pass" with trailors.... Yip it was a challange, we were lucky and had no accidents. This is something I would not recomend for the unexperianced 4x4 driver. Namibia, with all the rain they had, was this year, in a class of its own. Epupa Falls is an "ABSOLUTE MUST GO TO" for any 4x4 person. Be on the lookout for the Elephants at Puros, they are aggressif.. so be warned !!! Keep a very safe distance. The Herero Tribe are acually friendly people, but do not take photo's witout their consent.
I love my Cruiser but they are slow.... I decided to fit a low pressure Turbo and WHALLA what a differance... it was worth every cent !!!! Thank you Steve's Auto Clinic.
We have a few car's for hire, for Wedding purposes